Jennifer Wohl Counseling

Getting Started

Initial Consultation

I am not currently accepting new clients.

For counseling to work, it is important that you feel connected to your counselor, safe to be your full self, and confident that the counselor can help you. During our 60-minute initial session, my goal is to help you determine if I am the right counselor for you at this time. I also assess whether my skills, training, experience, and personality will suit your needs. The first session is a chance for us to "check each other out." If for any reason, we do not have a "match," I can help you find other resources in the community that will be a better fit for you.

Ongoing Work

I usually see clients once a week for sixty-minute sessions to start. As we get to know each other and determine your needs, this may change. Sometimes clients find that one session every other week is adequate; others find that once a week is not enough. Together we will custom design a routine that works for you.

It is difficult to say how long therapy will take. Some clients find that some support for a few months is adequate. Others find that as we begin to work on the issues that brought them into therapy, other unresolved issues surface and they choose to stay on for long-term, life-changing work. I am open to finding the path that is most advantageous to you.