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Grief & Loss

Grieving is like a "birthing process" – you are birthing yourself into life without your loved one. Grieving, like giving birth, can be difficult and painful. It helps to breathe through the process, to have people nearby who know and love you, and to have someone present who has some expertise and experience in the grieving process (like a midwife or doctor in the birthing process).

You may want to see a counselor if: 1) you don't feel that you have people in your life who "get" what you are going through and you could use some support and guidance, 2) you feel overwhelmed and alone and don't know where to turn for help, 3) you just want to make sure you are on the right track, or 4) you feel "stuck" in your grief and don't know how to get unstuck.

Induced After Death Communication (IADC):

I am currently offering a 2-session treatment in Induced After Death Communication (IADC), a powerful technique for healing the pain of grief. 

IADC is an EMDR-based process that helps grieving clients access and process their core sadness. Once the sadness has been reduced with the use of eye movements, clients often enter a deep state of receptivity and openness. With the guidance of the therapist (me), clients may then have an experience of connecting with their loved one. This can be very gratifying and healing, even if your loss happened a long time ago.

Some people experience after-death communications (ADCs) spontaneously and naturally, without any need for this type of therapy. However, IADC creates the conditions under which you are more likely to have the experience. You do not have to believe in an afterlife, or hold any particular religious or spiritual beliefs, in order to experience a healing ADC. Of course, it’s fine if you do.

IADC was developed by psychotherapist Allan Botkin in the 1990s. He was using EMDR to treat combat veterans and found that on several occasions clients reported spontaneously feeling a connection to the person who had died. Dr. Botkin began exploring what he was doing that was bringing on this experience, and that process led to the development of the IADC method. You can learn more about Dr. Botkin and this work through his website: IADC.

I would love to support you through your grief with this remarkable process. Contact me for a screening interview or for more information. Private pay only, not covered by insurance.

Grief is a jour­ney, often per­ilous and with­out clear direc­tion, that must be tak­en. The expe­ri­ence of griev­ing can­not be ordered or cat­e­go­rized, hur­ried or con­trolled, pushed aside or ignored indef­i­nite­ly. It is as inevitable as breath­ing, as change, as love. It may be post­poned, but it will not be denied.” Molly Fumia