Jennifer Wohl Counseling

Trauma & PTSD

No matter how smart or psychologically sophisticated someone may be, trauma can happen to anyone. Trauma is the body-based experience of being unable to come back to equilibrium after a frightening or life-threatening experience. To be traumatized is not an illness, a disease, or a weakness; it is to be a human being having a physiological response to threat.

The effective treatment of trauma begins with safety – physical safety, emotional safety, and mental safety. When safety is established, we then work together to build your internal and external resources, so that you can slowly begin to address what happened. If appropriate, we may use EMDR to help resolve the trauma. In any case, we will work closely with body sensations and mindfulness to help you release the energy trapped by traumatic experiences.

His­to­ry, despite its wrench­ing pain, can­not be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” Maya Angelou