Jennifer Wohl Counseling

Low Self-Esteem

Negative self-talk is at the heart of low self-esteem. It is a way of talking to oneself that is critical, rude, shaming, and hurtful. While most of us would not talk to our friends and loved ones that way, we can't seem to apply that value to ourselves.

Working on low self-esteem in therapy is like doing couples work, but the work is between you and you. It's as if there are two of you in there, and they are not getting along very well. We will work together to bring more harmony, peace, and kindness between these two "parts" of yourself.

I was made — from all the pos­si­ble shapes a human might take — not to prove myself wor­thy but to refine the worth I’m formed from, acknowl­edge it, own it, spend it on others.” Mary Karr, Lit